Brighter times are coming

White ash – a silky look to refresh uno form’s classic designer kitchens.

The launch of white ash represents uno form bringing a new, bright style into the uno form universe. Ash has long been outshone by other types of wood, but now is the time to rediscover this beautiful material.

“Ash has so much to offer that it’s time to bring it to the fore once more. It has a tremendously beautiful grain and can have some unconventional patterns and distinctive traits that you don’t see in the same way on woods like oak or walnut,” explains Peter Bisgaard, who is in charge of product development at uno form.

According to Peter, the impression the wood gives is the key ingredient in creating a kitchen that combines design and function with quality and craftsmanship. The kitchen acquires a personality based on the type of wood it’s made from. And ash wood has so much personality that it’s both on a par with and gives new life to uno form’s classic kitchens.

“The challenge is to keep the wood as beautiful as it looks right after it’s been cut. You want it to keep its appearance and colour for ever. But nature will usually follow its own path, and wood is constantly evolving – even when it’s part of a finished piece of furniture,” adds Peter.

To slow down this natural development, uno form has been experimenting with finishes. The goal has been to preserve the natural beauty of the wood, while also ensuring the finished kitchen will last for many years of regular use.

“We’ve come up with a white pigmented surface treatment that creates a washed and almost unblemished tactility. It gives a silky look to our Classic kitchen, whereas on the Copenhagen you also get some nice contrasts in the finger joints because the end wood has a darker hue,” enthuses Peter.

White ash is available as an option for the Classic, Copenhagen and Avantgarde uno form collections – either alone or in combination with painted surfaces or the super matt Fenix laminates. 

In this model kitchen, Classic and Avantgarde in white ash are set against Bordeaux-red linoleum and a quartzite worktop in the beautiful greenish “J’adore”.