uno form manufactures uncompromising bespoke kitchens – created in our workshop in Denmark using the hands, head and heart. Here, skilled labour and high tech combine to reach new heights, and we have never been about mass production.

This means starting by selecting the best wood and the finest materials and carefully hand-picking suppliers. From that point on, our level of ambition never wavers. We build every single kitchen from scratch, and we do not compromise: We strive for perfection on principle, and we craft handmade bespoke kitchens from uncompromising materials that only grow more beautiful with time. 

At uno form, we only use uncompromising materials. Materials with an appearance, a strength and an origin that we can be proud of. We carefully select each individual plank that becomes beautiful slats in a Classic kitchen. The solid wood is sawn, planed, sorted, cut to size and profiled, sanded and surface treated twice before it can become part of the iconic kitchen design.

At the workshop, all cabinet carcasses are assembled using traditional tongue and groove. This provides the largest adhesive surface and the sturdiest and strongest structure. The finger-jointed fronts are tapped together and sanded by hand in true cabinet-maker fashion. Before we fit the front on the carcass using tongue and groove, we work the beautiful chamfers that create soft shadow effects in the joints between the carcasses. No dowels are used here. This ensures that our products possess raw strength and lasting beauty.

Veneer workshop

In our veneer workshop, we glue all the veneer together instead of nailing it together. This gives a stable and invisible joint and the most beautiful result. And as an extra service, we save veneer in our archive every week so that we can find veneer with the same colour and texture if there is an accident and a new drawer needs to be made – just as we have done for the past 22 years.

Box joint drawers

Our handmade wooden drawers are made using classic box joints.

Box joints are a fundamental and recurring element of Arne Munch’s original designs: The front frames of the carcass are tapped together with 6 mm pins and – given our uncompromising approach – the same 6 mm dimension is also used in the drawer design. The relatively small pins provide a large adhesive surface, and result in drawers which, apart from being beautiful to look at, are also strong and made to last for generations.

Once we have varnished the inside of the drawers, we cut the pins and slots, and then glue and assemble the drawers with the base sitting in a groove along the drawer sides. After sanding and giving the corners a final finish with sandpaper, the outsides of the drawers are hand-varnished one last time.  

Our box joint drawers are available in maple, white ash, smoked oak and walnut. 

Planks for a uno form kitchen
uno form only uses wood from sustainable forestry
Planks for a uno form kitchen