Bespoke kitchen

uno form’s bespoke wooden kitchens aren’t just rooms, but timeless pieces of furniture in their own right which, thanks to their style, quality craftsmanship and functionality, can be used for decades and loved for generations. They are handcrafted kitchens in classic designs and uncompromising quality that are custommade for your day-to-day life and your home.  

Kitchen dining room with a smoked oak kitchen island, white tall cabinets and a marble worktop


What is a bespoke kitchen?

A bespoke wooden kitchen is a kitchen that combines design and function with high-quality materials and classic craftsmanship.

Since 1968, uno form has created bespoke kitchens with deep respect for design, functionality and aesthetics, without compromising on the materials.

All our kitchens are made from scratch at our carpentry workshop in Farsø, Denmark. We start with the raw wood, carefully selecting each plank, and turn them into beautiful slats in the original Classic bespoke kitchen and handmade wooden drawers in the Copenhagen kitchen. The solid wood drawers are finger-jointed in true carpentry tradition and are available in several exclusive types of wood such as maple, white ash, oak, smoked oak and walnut. 

The finished kitchen is a timeless piece of furniture that is custommade exactly to you and your home. A toned down and exclusive design with stylish lines and proportions that will last for generations.

5 tips for designing a bespoke kitchen

The architecture as a starting point
If you want a kitchen with a timeless look, start by looking at your home’s architecture. With the iconic Classic design created by Arne Munch in 1968, you can reconstruct the atmosphere of an architect-designed house from, for example, Danish architects Friis & Moltke, who in the 1960s introduced a mild version of brutalism with large, robust building elements, raw concrete walls and clean lines.

The more minimalist Copenhagen design is an obvious choice for modern architect-designed houses inspired by the functionalist style, and as a reinterpretation of the frame kitchen, Shaker is a bespoke kitchen in classic, Nordic design that will suit the architecture of a patrician villa or luxury apartment.

Functionality and connoisseurship – define your needs
A bespoke, handmade kitchen gives you a lot of options, so it’s important to define your interior design needs first.

uno form’s designers have developed extra tall drawers for the Classic and Copenhagen kitchens, so you never have to put up with the irritation of tall objects that won’t fit in your drawers. With an internal height of 34 cm, you won’t find much in your kitchen that can’t stand upright in the drawers. A unique detail in a uno form bespoke kitchen.

Bespoke wooden kitchen and a curated selection of beautiful colours
The appearance of the wood is at the heart of creating a kitchen with personality. A uno form bespoke kitchen can be created from white ash, oak, smoked oak, black oak or walnut and in a curated selection of beautiful colours. Most recently, uno form has reinterpreted the bespoke kitchen in light, Nordic ash wood. With its distinctive grain pattern, ash wood has so much personality that it’s both on a par with and gives new life to uno form’s classic kitchens.

Worktop for your bespoke kitchen – trends
For many years, the primary Danish kitchen trend has been “less is more”: simple materials, few colours and smooth surfaces. Today, customers are demanding more tactile surfaces, patterns and colours in the shape of, for example, travertine, marble and quartzite countertops, which add an exotic play of colours to a minimalist Scandinavian kitchen design.

Collaborations let us offer you the best solutions
We collaborate with a number of new and classic Danish quality brands that share our passion for quality, craftsmanship, design and durability. This gives you the best bespoke kitchen solutions. The sink fixtures in a kitchen have to be practical, because there’s often a lot of work around the sink when cooking. But that doesn’t mean you have to compromise on aesthetics or features. Together with Quooker, vola and TONI Copenhagen, we offer a range of elegant and timeless solutions for cold, hot and boiling water.

Inspiration for your bespoke kitchen

Below you’ll see some pictures of our carpentry work and bespoke kitchens. See many more pictures in the inspiration gallery.

Bespoke kitchen in smoked oak and Quartzite
Classic, simple and Nordic kitchen style
Kitchen drawers in smoked oak in combination with Pietra Grey marble
Kitchen island in smoked oak with steel table top and white high cabinet wall with alcove


Quality is the best form of sustainability

As in many other aspects of our lives, when it comes to our kitchens, we now have a sharper focus on sustainability and respect for nature. We want to build quality kitchens that can last for many years, and this also affects our choice of materials. We prioritise classic solutions, nature’s own beautiful materials and warm tones. White has been replaced by warmer beige and grey tones and combined with natural materials such as wood, natural stone and metals to create stunning designer kitchens.



A uno form kitchen is mainly made of wood. A wooden kitchen isn’t just beautiful, it’s also durable – and wood is carbon neutral to boot. We only use wood from sustainable forestry, where no more trees are felled than the forest can reproduce in time.

There will always be environmental costs associated with replacing a kitchen. But you can minimise these by buying a high-quality kitchen that you won’t have any reason or desire to replace. A bespoke wooden kitchen won’t wear out, but will keep its shape and develop a beautiful patina as long as you take care of it. Read more about our stance of sustainability here

How much does a bespoke kitchen cost?

We’re often asked what a bespoke kitchen costs. A bespoke kitchen is made according to classic carpentry principles in uncompromising quality and timeless design. Therefore, a bespoke kitchen is a more long-term solution than a standard kitchen, and this will be reflected in a higher price. However, the price of a bespoke kitchen depends entirely on the size and layout of the kitchen, the choice of materials and to a large extent also the choice of appliances and countertop.

Design collections

Bespoke kitchens – four beautiful ranges

Classic is the original range from uno form, designed by Arne Munch in 1968. An uncompromising bespoke kitchen, created in our workshop in Denmark with hands, heads and hearts. 

Arne Munch’s basic idea for the kitchen was a cube of 60 x 60 x 60 cm whose elements can be combined in many different ways. Based on architectural ideals, he created a bespoke kitchen with geometric precision that creates a calm, balanced interior.   

The new collection has been created and further developed in Arne Munch’s spirit. His design philosophy lives on in everything we create – every single day. 

In 2009, we developed the Avantgarde collection. In 2017, we added the Shaker collection. And in 2019 came the latest collection: Copenhagen. Every collection has been developed with deep respect for design, functionality and aesthetics and without compromising on the materials. See all our collections here