A bespoke kitchen

A kitchen from uno form is an exclusive experience of uncompromising quality, craftsmanship and materials that spark joy year after year. It has been this way ever since Arne Munch designed the first uno form kitchen in 1968 based on a philosophy that a kitchen should be both beautiful and functional as well as a timeless piece of home furniture.

Experience uno form

Thought has been given to the minor details as well as the bigger picture in a kitchen from uno form. You will experience this when you visit one of our stores, where you can discover the cabinet maker’s finger joints, run your hand over the perfect surfaces and enjoy the play of colours in the wood that makes every kitchen something special.

uno form studio

uno form is sold exclusively at our own stores, where we can ensure that you will get the sound advice that you expect. We require the utmost knowledge, professionalism and sense of aesthetics from our interior design consultants and train them continuously so that they can give world-class advice. The advisers can manage and coordinate interior design, production, delivery and assembly. They can also act as your business partner on larger projects. 

Cabinet makers work hard

Every kitchen from uno form is unique in its appearance, form and function and is made to measure for your home. This means that you can’t buy a uno form kitchen and then have it delivered the same day. Good craftsmanship takes time, and we only start cutting the wood and building your kitchen once we are absolutely sure that you have received the best advice to make your dream kitchen a reality.

Wood patina

The advisers will also draw your attention to the small differences in the wood grain, nuances and patterns that emphasise the uniqueness of your kitchen, and which mean that your kitchen will evolve over time. Wood matures, and the light entering a kitchen is not the same throughout the room. Where many materials simply become worn, wood becomes refined, nuanced and acquires a patina. This means that your kitchen lives on and gains more personality the longer you have it and the more you use it. 

A fine glue thread on the sewn veneer