About uno form

By uniting architecture, carpentry and exquisite materials, Arne Munch founded one of Denmark’s most exclusive kitchen brands.

Design heritage

The uno form story began in Arne Munch's basement in Lyngby. It was here that his ideas came to fruition and he produced his first uno form kitchen designs on graph paper. Arne Munch was not in the business of drawing advanced sketches or making complex models, as his kitchen concepts were as simple as they were ingenious.

The history of uno form


We start by selecting the best wood, the finest materials and carefully hand-picking suppliers. From that point on, our level of ambition never wavers. We build every single kitchen from scratch, and we do not compromise: We strive for perfection on principle, and we craft handmade bespoke kitchens from uncompromising materials that only grow more beautiful with time. 

The workshop

For the massive front frames of the original Classic kitchen