No compromise

uno form is bespoke luxury for the discerning. We celebrate good craftsmanship and Danish design heritage, creating bespoke kitchens with the utmost respect for design, practicality and aesthetics since 1968. We build every single kitchen from scratch, and we do not compromise. 

We share this uncompromising spirit with passionate craftsmen in other fields such as food, music and art.

Eske Kath

When it comes to my art, I cannot compromise

“If I put anyone else under the same pressure I put myself under, I’d be fired on the spot,” says visual artist Eske Kath with a twinkle in his eye, leaving us in no doubt about his fierce work ethic. This statement neatly sums up the dogged discipline and unconditional dedication that characterise his approach to painting.

“I don’t believe in a divine calling to be an artist any more than I buy into the clichés about the tormented creative genius. The joy outweighs the pain, and the desire is typically far greater than the occasional suffering, you might say. Having said that, I do have a kind of artistic calling. Either way, I have no choice: I know deep down that I couldn’t do without the half-consuming, half-liberating feeling during the process – or the all-out battles with the works before they are finally finished.”

Chris Minh Doky

Pursue your passion – or suppress it

“There are two kinds of people,” says Chris Minh Doky with a smile that reveals he is simplifying his own world view. “Those who pursue their passion – and those who suppress it. And how do I know that? Because I have a bit of both inside me. One was sucking the life out of me, and the other gave me back not only my life, but my sense of self.

Music is and will remain my passion, but for inexplicable reasons I let myself be lulled to sleep and seduced. Seduced by more superficial ambitions, if I’m brutally honest with myself. Or, to be fairer to myself, by a genuine attempt to provide for my family in the best way possible. 

It makes no difference whether it was an uncompromising artistic calling or just a much-needed wake-up call: I survived because I listened to it. And in that sense, that monumental setback came as a blessing. I backtracked, and my passion and jazz spirit returned in spades, as a gift that keeps on giving.”

Astrid Krogh

Curiosity drives my work – wherever that may lead me

I’ve spent a lot of time high up on stepladders and swinging platforms. I’ve lost count of the number of electric shocks I’ve had. I’ve burnt my fingers on molten gold and silver, and worked on wire ends until my hands bled. And I’ve learned the hard way how to put out a fire. But curiosity usually comes at a cost. It’s part of the job. The dedication, the passionate interest. And it’s a small price to pay for what I get in return. After all, it’s curiosity that drives my work, and a relentless enthusiasm that drives the work forward, wherever the process might lead.

My name is Astrid Krogh, and I am a weaver of light. Sure, some of my predecessors might turn in their graves if they saw me setting the loom with optical fibres and trimmed cables – breaking the rules of the past uncompromisingly yet respecting the fundamental principles of the craft. In turn, I hope that some of my contemporaries can see the value in my finished yet constantly changing works.

Kenneth Toft-Hansen

Uniquely simple, but anything but simplistic

"Respect for your ingredients is rule number one," begins former Bocuse d'Or winner Kenneth Toft-Hansen. "Because root vegetables in peak season are amazing; because butter-fried turbot only really hits the high notes when it’s been caught minutes before I cook it with care. Because the onion is a transformational ball of taste, with far more facets, layers and flavours than could have imagined before it reveals its secrets to me.  That’s why exquisite ingredients – and respect for those who supply them are the foundation of my food philosophy – and the freedom to experiment with them is the basis for the perfect meal." 

When I won the gold medal, my ambitions grew

"Winning the gold was fantastic. But at the risk of sounding self-righteous, I’d rather win the hearts of the guests – and follow my own. Why? Partly because the desire to make even simpler yet much more diverse food for more people outlives the joy of winning a medal that only benefits a few people. But first and foremost because I wanted to be the head chef in my own kitchen and create incomparable meals on my own terms: With a complete focus on taste and in close collaboration with the most skilled and dedicated suppliers I can find. Because it takes uncompromising quality in order to give our guests a complete experience that they’ll never forget," says Kenneth Toft-Hansen, Svinkløv Badehotel.