uno form warranty

  • 5-year warranty on kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes. Units, worktops, sinks and wash basins, mixer faucets (drip guarantee), handles, LED lighting, electrical Servo-Drive and recessed spots are all covered by our warranty
  •  25-year warranty on moving metal parts such as drawer rails and hinges
  • Right of complaint regarding goods purchased with or without assembly. Flaws and defects will be rectified and/or products replaced on presentation of proof of purchase.
  •  2-year supplementary warranty, which means that if a model is discontinued, we will be able to supply fronts for your kitchen, bathroom or wardrobe for a minimum of 2 years following discontinuation of the product.
  • Financial security. In the case of prepayment, Nobia Danmark a/s acts as guarantor so your money is never lost.
  • Our warranties do not cover ordinary wear and tear or failure to store, assemble or maintain the products in the prescribed manner. (See the maintenance instructions, which accompany the delivery). Nor does our warranty apply in the event of external damage and consequential damages.