Inspiring ideas for your wardrobe

Fit out your wardrobe with uno form and create a consistent design aesthetic throughout your home. Whether you are looking for a small wardrobe for your entrance hall or a luxurious walk-in wardrobe for the bedroom, you can find inspiration in our range of exclusive wardrobes, and our new luxurious walk-in wardrobe collection.


uno form’s new Wardrobe Collection is built on Danish joinery traditions and incorporates international design trends. Each wardrobe is a masterpiece designed for your life, and created by experienced craftsmen using materials rooted in nature – wood, leather, suede and wool. It is a tribute to natural and genuine materials. It features warm shades, tactile materials and unique wood grain, created by the specific soil and weather conditions under which the trees have grown.

It is a tribute to classic Danish joinery craftsmanship and to world-class design.

Exclusive wardrobes and the ultimate walk-in closet

The new collection takes our uncompromising approach to design and quality into a new universe. A universe of exclusive wardrobes characterised by minimalist elegance, functional solutions and a tailor-made design. Inspired by international boutique hotels, with attention to every detail and the overall harmony: Exclusive wardrobes made of wood and bronze-coloured glass, a wardrobe island with space to pack your suitcase for a weekend trip and a tailor-made ottoman, upholstered with exclusive Gabriel textiles, to sit on.

The new walk-in collection is hand-built and flexible, so it can be tailored to your storage needs – with extra space for long dresses or coats, sloped shelves for shoes and finger-jointed solid-wood drawers with wood, faux leather and velvet dividers for glasses, jewellery or watches. Seasonal clothing can be stored in beautiful faux leather boxes in a hue carefully matched to the selected woods, the exclusive Brown Metal Grey components and the bronze-coloured glass.

Inspiration for your wardrobe

We have handpicked some wardrobe design solutions for inspiration. You can find many more ideas for your new wardrobe in our inspiration gallery.

Exclusive wardrobe with cabinets for displaying favorite bags
An island in the center of the dressing room serves as a storage area for jewelry and ties

Materials and colours

Exquisite materials for your wardrobe

The collection of exclusive wardrobes is based on the Avantgarde and Shaker collections. Using five beautiful woods, a curated selection of laminate and lacquer colours, glass doors with bronze-coloured glass, clear glass, fluted glass or rough glass, and optional elegantly integrated LED lighting, our joiners can build a beautiful, tailor-made wardrobe to suit your life and routine.

Inspired by international trends, our joiners work with oak, walnut and smoked oak, wooden wall panels, laminate, ceramics and bronze-coloured mirrors in the new walk-in wardrobe collection.

The fitting-out of the wardrobe is completed with aluminium shelves in a refined Brown Metal Grey with bronze-coloured glass, or wooden shelves – with optional integrated LED lighting – veneer or laminate shoe shelves and solid wooden drawers assembled in classic joiner style from our Copenhagen collection. The collection includes suit bags in a carefully matched hue – in two lengths – and three hanger variants.

Our designers are ready to offer inspiration and advice for designing the perfect wardrobe solution, tailored to your needs, and made of materials that can withstand decades of use and only get more beautiful as they age.

Five styling tips for the perfect wardrobe

Do you dream of the perfect wardrobe? Here are architect Mathilde Elisabeth Larsen’s design tips for your wardrobe. “We tend to give a lot of attention to our kitchens, entrance halls and living rooms, but the wardrobe doesn’t always get the focus it deserves,” says Mathilde.

“The wardrobe has to fill a practical need, take up as little space as possible, but hold a lot. I always recommend finding a balance, for example by finding space for shelving to display favourite shoes, designer bags or perfume. Self-indulge in your own wardrobe – you deserve that everyday luxury,” concludes Mathilde Elisabeth Larsen.

1. The first impression
Create a great first impression with a beautiful wardrobe in the entrance hall. This is the first thing you see when you get home and the last thing you see before walking out the door. Organise the drawers using uno form’s dividers to keep keys, hats and mittens in order.

2. Storage space
We almost always underestimate the need for hanging space, but we also have clothes that are best kept folded. Pull-out trays are the ideal solution here.

3. Categorise
Grouping and categorising make it easier to find what you need, every day. Using dividers for ties and belts or boxes for underwear gives you a better overview. The boxes are tailored to fit uno form drawers and are available in two heights and six sizes.

4. Lighting
A thoughtful lighting design combines additional useful illumination with the luxurious boutique effect that highlights your favourite clothes and collections like bags or shoes as showpieces.

5. Wardrobe island
A unique solution that is both practical and luxurious.  The drawers hold all the things you need to remember to pack in your suitcase, and dividers give a clear overview of ties, socks and underwear.