One day, the family went for a walk in the area to explore the possibilities. They were looking for a big house on a large plot and selected some houses where they dropped off flyers expressing their interest in the letterboxes. They passed by the yellow brick-built villa from 1933, because both the house and the plot seemed too small.

But not long after, they got a phone call from an elderly lady who had lived in the house for 25 years. Since her husband had passed away, she’d wanted to sell and move into something smaller. She’d heard from the neighbour that Christina and her family were looking for a house in the area, and couldn’t understand why they hadn’t put a flyer through her door.

She invited Christina and Mads to visit, and they immediately saw that the house had charm and potential, even though it hadn’t been refurbished for many years. After four visits to the elderly lady, they bought the preservation-worthy house with the beautiful old garden. 

We are so glad we moved the kitchen into the former dining room. From there there is the most beautiful view of the garden and the old apple trees.
Christina Wulff Nielsen

Total renovation with respect for the original details

It was the first time Christina and Mads embarked on such an extensive project, so they teamed up with an architect who could help create a functional setting for the family while preserving the charm, aesthetics and details of the original house.

The extensive renovation ended up involving knocking down all the interior walls and a completely new room layout.

Among other things, the architect recommended that the kitchen be moved to the old dining room to get the best light and a view of the garden with the old apple trees.  

The house’s stately details, such as high panels and door portals, required a kitchen that fit the style, and Christina immediately fell for uno form’s Shaker kitchen in beautiful pebble grey with brass fittings. The Shaker collection represents everything Scandinavian design is known for: timeless quality, good craftmanship, simplicity and style.

Christina has always wanted a large kitchen island, and it’s become a natural place to gather, for both family and guests. They also wanted a wine cabinet integrated in the kitchen island, as well as a BORA cooktop with an inbuilt extractor, so that the extractor wouldn’t get in the way of the view and the conversation.

The white ceramic sink is a deliberate throwback to the period when the house was built. However, the Quooker tap, which produces sparkling water, is just a small example of how modern and functional this renovation really is.

The stately details of the house required a kitchen that matched the style

The small house got bigger

The windows and roof were replaced, and the house was expanded from 137 to 195 m2 with a charming living room beside the kitchen-dining room.

With a fireplace and panoramic views of the garden, the living room and kitchen-dining room have become the house’s favourite spots.

About this kitchen


Christina and Mads


Gentofte, Denmark