When engineer Henri Peteri became involved in the development of minute soup for an international food group in 1970, he soon realised that minute soup can never be ready in a minute unless you always have boiling water to hand. From that point on, he couldn’t let go of the idea of boiling water straight from a tap. He resigned from his position and started to develop a tap that could dispense boiling water. The goal was to make everyday life easier.

Quooker is the tap that can do it all. From the same tap, you can get boiling water, chilled water and sparkling water. A Quooker in the kitchen gives you space on the kitchen counter. Say goodbye to your kettle, coffee maker and the bottles of water in your fridge.   

Beautiful design and an easier everyday life are guaranteed with Quooker, the original boiling water tap.

Selected designs by Quooker that complete your bespoke uno form kitchen