Helle Skovmose Kjær and Gunnar Lisby Kjær first saw Søgård thirty years ago, but at that time they decided to buy another rural property near Lemvig. In 2019, the couple considered moving to the city, but the more they looked, the clearer it became to Gunnar that he didn’t want to move to an urban house behind a hedge. Instead, Helle and Gunnar ended up looking again at the 150-year-old farm at the top of the hill. And this time they bought it. 

The old farm at the top of the hill has now been replaced by a house designed by Jesper Hangaard from Wullum Pasgaard A/S in Holstebro. Wullum Pasgaard is both a design studio and a consulting engineering company, so they visited the site, made calculations on the views and started sketching. But what they presented was definitely not what Helle and Gunnar had expected. “When we saw their presentation, we just thought: That’s not us at all! But an hour later – after they’d explained everything carefully – well, then we were sold”, says Helle.  

The new Søgård house looks more or less as Wullum Pasgaard designed it, and it was built using cast-in-situ concrete, dark earth-coloured brick and burnished copper. On the ground floor, there are rooms and a bathroom for the children, a large living room, access to the garage and an exit to the courtyard. On the first floor, the kitchen-dining room, pantry and TV room occupy more than half of the floor’s square metres. The rest of the first floor contains the couple’s bedroom, a large wardrobe, a bathroom and a living room. 

The large kitchen island forms the central focus point in the Scandinavian home
Selected pottery on display in the bespoke kitchen
Kitchen island in oak and tall cabinets in matt black laminate

The bespoke Copenhagen kitchen from uno form is made of oak and matte black laminate and features a black granite worktop that has been surface treated to look like leather.

The large kitchen island has a sink, a BORA induction cooktop with built-in extractor hood and an extra dishwasher, because Helle and Gunnar wanted to be able to enjoy the view of the Limfjord, Gjellerodde and Kabbel while cooking. 

View of rolling hills

At the opposite end of the first floor is the large bathroom, which overlooks the rolling hills. The bathroom, like the kitchen, is furnished with oak cabinets from the Copenhagen collection and a worktop in Corian. The vola brushed copper taps complete the exclusive design. 

From the bathtub, Helle and Gunnar can enjoy the beautiful and distinctive landscape with moraine hills created during the Ice Age. The bathroom also contains a large shower and a niche for the toilet. 

Master bathroom with a stunning view
Wall-mounted Copenhagen cabinets for the bathroom
The grey tiles in the bathroom are warmly contrasted by the Copenhagen oak cabinets

Photos by Andreas Mikkel Hansen and uno form. 

The home was shown in the interior design magazine BO BEDRE, no. 11, 2022 and in Scandinavian Living NL. 

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Helle Skovmose Kjær and Gunnar Lisby Kjær


Gjellerodde, Denmark