– unique and exclusive worktop solutions
Kitchen island in smoked oak with steel table top and white high cabinet wall with alcove

When you choose a bespoke uno form kitchen, you are choosing a kitchen that will last for many years, and this affects the choice of materials. We prioritise long-term, classic solutions and beautiful natural materials – even when choosing a worktop.

We have selected partners who have the same attitude to craftsmanship and quality as we do. Mølballe offers a unique and exclusive worktop solution. To give the worktop an exclusive finish, meticulousness is given central importance at their workshop.

The skilled craftsmen grind gently and pay close attention to detail until the sink is perfectly fitted or the worktops are beautifully joined using unique combinations of solid wood, natural stone, steel, Corian® and Silestone®. 

As something new, Mølballe can also supply cushions upholstered in leather, suede or fabric according to individual measurements and wishes.