Eberhart Furniture

Furniture from Eberhart Furniture

Eberhart Furniture was founded in 2014 by Rune Vigil Nielsen and Esben Christoffersen, whose ambition was to produce original furniture that can be passed down from generation to generation. A piece of furniture from Eberhart Furniture is thus an example of how quality and durability go hand in hand, and how these properties are the result of an in-depth knowledge of and respect for the honest and well-curated materials seen in their range.

All furniture from Eberhart Furniture is designed and produced in Denmark. Every piece of furniture starts its journey at the family farm in South Funen, where in recent years there has been a shift from traditional agriculture to pure furniture production.

From design and release, to testing and production, to finally being quality assured before being sent on its final journey to a new and loving home.

In addition to the quality foundation, the design and look of a piece of furniture from Eberhart Furniture can improve the aesthetics of almost any environment. Their products are made to be seen and felt, and complement modern décor beautifully while making an almost uncompromising statement.

Buy selected designs from Eberhart Furniture that complete your bespoke uno form kitchen.