Tuborg Strandeng, Kysthus I and II

Kysthus I and II are found at the very tip of a point extending into the waters of the Øresund Sound set among rolling salt meadows where lyme straw, sea buckthorn and hawthorn grow wild. World-class, architectural masterpieces.

Bespoke kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes


40 luxury apartments

Kysthus I and II were designed by the internationally renowned architects Lundgaard & Tranberg Arkitekter, who also designed the Tietgen Residence Hall, the Royal Danish Playhouse, the Havneholmen development, and Axel Towers.

Lundgaard & Tranberg are known for creating architecture with great respect for the surrounding landscape.

“From the very beginning, our vision was to transform the area so that the landscape appeared untouched while architecture sprang from the surroundings. We wanted the natural environment to dominate, and to bring people closer to the great outdoors,” says architect Lene Tranberg.

“The buildings are clad with sand-coloured bricks carefully selected for Tuborg Strandeng. The bricks are hand-made so they’re never completely smooth, but tactile, with more life. Larger bricks were used for the horizontal façade bands. The subtle variety of dimensions makes the buildings more exciting and vibrant.

The steps in the stairwells are made from a custom sand-coloured terrazzo, developed specifically for these buildings to refer to the landscape and the sandy seabed,” says Lene Tranberg.

Design ranges

Together with the contractor NCC, Lundgaard & Tranberg has created four different interior design ranges that harmonise with the architecture and landscape: Classic House, Nordic House, Beach House and Studio House.

40 of the 50 apartments are furnished as Classic House with a timeless and classic Avantgarde uno form kitchen. The stone-grey surfaces, the finger-tap drawers made from light, Nordic wood and the natural stone tabletop bring nature from the surrounding seascape and landscape into these exclusive homes.  

There is a real eye for detail in the kitchen design that sees colours and materials carefully matched to the landscape, with even the tiniest features taken into account. In the kitchens, for example, there are no visible ventilation grilles, while all work is the result of careful craftsmanship.