The paper island

The vision is taking shape, and you start getting a sense of the distinctive shape of the buildings that together will make up the new urban district in the heart of Copenhagen on the artificial island Christiansholm – better known as THE PAPER ISLAND. For this unique project, NCC, in collaboration with the award-winning firm of architects COBE, has selected uno form to supply handcrafted kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes for the 151 new owner-occupied apartments.

Bespoke kitchens, bathrooms and wardrobes



Christiansholm is the last quay area that is yet to be developed in Copenhagen’s inner harbour, and now the old ‘paper island’ is being given a new lease of life with a unique project spanning the entire islet, and which comprises private apartments, cooperative social housing, a waterfront culture centre designed by world-famous Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, an international hotel as well as market halls for shops, cafés, restaurants and cultural activities.

The architecture is by the architectural firm COBE, and consists of buildings of varying heights and shapes, but which all share a uniform architectural style with sloping concrete and brick facades reflecting the island’s former industrial past and Christianshavn’s old warehouses.

“We’re building in central Copenhagen on the last part of the inner harbour front which still remains undeveloped. Such a project calls for a both respectful and humble approach,” says Klaus Kastbjerg from the development company behind PAPER ISLAND. “The buildings are born out of the historically unique Christianshavn warehouse district and are inspired by the old brick warehouses and the former industrial halls on the island. Therefore, the choice of quality materials plays an important role – from unique, coal-fired bricks on the facades to oak planks and exclusive uno form bespoke kitchens in the apartments.”

The paper island Copenhagen
The paper island Copenhagen
The paper island Copenhagen

Design programme reflects ambitious vision

Buyers have been able to choose between four apartment design lines that have been specially conceived for the unique properties on PAPER ISLAND. The designs have been developed by the designers behind PAPER ISLAND in close collaboration with uno form.

The PAPIRØ design line is inspired by paper-white surfaces and light birch wood and harks back to the 300-year period when the area was off-limits to the public and used to store paper for newspaper production. HAVN is characterised by its discreet shades of colour inspired by the proximity to the sky and the sea, and by careful choices in tune with a simple, maritime design idiom. KLASSISK is inspired by a love of classic Danish design and oak, the wood type use for the pile foundations that still support the oldest parts of Copenhagen, while COPENHAGEN is inspired by the vision of creating an urban oasis in the heart of the city.

The collaboration on the four design lines has resulted in exclusive handcrafted kitchens that have been born out of a vision of creating international-class architecture. As a small feature reflecting the uncompromising approach, all the kitchen drawers are branded with Christiansholm.

The first apartments are expected to be ready for occupation in the second half of 2023.