Aarhus Ø
With its unique location – set between the marina and the harbour baths – and its unique layout, with a market hall and eateries, Nicolinehus will become a focal point for all of Aarhus Ø.




Based on a vision to create a building buzzing with life and diversity, Bricks A/S and Aart Architects have combined attractive private homes and businesses. Together with the market hall, small specialty shops, cafés, a sky bar and restaurants, it creates a setting where Nicolinehus is in use – every day and evening.

The architecture draws its inspiration from the stringent old blocks in the city centre, with its distinctive, sturdy red bricks, and its shape has been determined by the views of the green Riis Forest, the new harbour baths, the old marina and the historic city centre. A look that is raw, robust, elegant and simple at the same time. With a focus on a special materiality in every detail.

“We received detailed input very early in the phase from the uno form team, headed up by Mads Haase,” says Peter Kallehave, Technical Manager at Bricks A/S. “In addition to providing unique kitchens for discerning customers, uno form has been an expert sparring partner in the development process, in reviewing the project and design,” says Peter Kallehave.

Roof top garden at Nicolinehus

150 customised kitchens

The apartments and townhouses in Nicolinehus vary from 45 to 300 square metres in size, and all represent uncompromising quality in every detail. This also applies to the kitchens and bathrooms, where residents have had the chance to make their own material and design choices. uno form crafted and delivered 150 highly variegated kitchens, from the Classic design collection to the new Copenhagen collection – using uncompromising materials such as oak and smoked oak, and quartzite, Corian and marble worktops.

“The teamwork with Mads Haase has been unique,” says Anette Valsted, former Administration Manager at Bricks A/S. “We experienced excellent sparring with Mads, and he has always gone the extra mile to address any challenge. It also gives peace of mind that Mads spends a lot of time on site and constantly does quality assurance for the project,” notes Anette Valsted.