Kerteminde Resort

Its unique location – a stone’s throw from Kerteminde Nordstrand, an interior design that is luxurious in every detail and proximity to golf, culture and top-class gastronomic experiences make Kerteminde Resort something very special.

Kitchen and bathroom



The 24 exclusively designed holiday homes with panoramic views of the beach and Kerteminde Bay, fulfil what most people dream of in a home away from home. The idea behind the project is that each home should function as a private hotel suite. The interior design is therefore luxurious in every detail, in a relaxed Nordic style that creates perfect harmony between the indoors and outdoors.

The sun can be enjoyed on the balcony from the early months of spring, and when the Lacuna folding doors between the patio and living room are drawn aside, there is a five-metre panoramic view of the sea from the living room. The view can also be enjoyed from the master bedroom. This has glass folding doors towards the living room, making it possible to enjoy the sea air and sunrise in the east without getting up from the exclusive elevation beds from Moonbeds, a local Kerteminde company.

All holiday homes are equipped with a quality oak hand-crafted kitchen from uno form. “In our choice of kitchen, we have emphasised that it must be an exclusive, Scandinavian design that can last for many years to come. A ‘modern’ look is not something I aspire to, as it often seems outdated after a few years. Therefore, we chose uno form and the characteristic Classic model – a timeless classic that guarantees sustainability, because a long service life minimises natural resource consumption,” says developer Kurt Enevoldsen. The classic theme is also evident in the two bathrooms in each property, fitted with toilets and fixtures from Alessi.

Kerteminde Resort
Kerteminde Resort
Kerteminde Resort

Golf and gourmet

The kitchen is perfectly matched to the adjoining living room in terms of colours and mood. The result is a setting in which family and friends can enjoy each other’s company, also while preparing food.

However, it is also very easy to take a holiday from cooking, because Kerteminde offers gourmet experiences at Rudolf Mathis and Great Northern, a pleasant atmosphere in Lulu’s Cafe & Boutique by the Renaissance harbour, or at one of the local produce shops in Kerteminde, which supply ingredients to several of the best gourmet restaurants in Denmark. In spring and summer, Røgeri Hindsholm’s small trattoria serves the smokehouse’s delicacies in an outdoor dining setting.

There are also a range of experiences on offer in the off-season, whether you want to dive into water sports, winter bathing or hiking. If a refreshing cold dip does not seem appealing, Great Northern Spa offers exclusive spa experiences that set new standards for design, spa innovation and luxury.

Kerteminde Resort

Future proof

The project, developed by Kurt Enevoldsen, consists of 24 holiday homes in six buildings. With their exterior cladding of acacia wood shingles, which develop a beautiful greyish patina and are maintenance-free for up to 100 years, the buildings blend naturally into the maritime surroundings close to the beach and Kerteminde Marina.

Given their coastal location, future climate protection has been incorporated into the project. The apartments have therefore been designed so they can be raised if the sea level rises. “It’s obviously more sustainable that the apartments can be adapted to the climate, instead of being torn down,” says Kurt Enevoldsen. He also notes that the apartments are part of a larger environmental project for Kerteminde Resort and Kerteminde Camping, with a focus on solar cells, geothermal heating and biodiversity.