uno form is introducing a simple system for sorting waste

The environment needs us to sort more of our waste but many people find it too fiddly and time-consuming. That’s why uno form is launching a simple and practical waste-sorting system.

Waste sorting in the kitchen

The UK sends over 12 million tonnes of household waste straight to landfill almost every year, partly because it isn’t sorted. And if it doesn’t end up there, then much of our waste is incinerated, a process that produces CO2. At the same time, figures show that the proportion of waste we recycle is actually falling. If we are to reverse this trend, then it’s essential to set more ambitious targets for sorting household waste. 

As a consumer, this means you might as well accept that waste sorting is here to stay. And most people are completely on board with this. In fact, a great many say they’d like to sort more of their household waste than they do today – but that it should be easier. 

This is why uno form has developed a simple and environmentally friendly system for sorting waste. The system consists of waste inserts specially designed to fit in uno form drawers, and associated waste bins. The inserts fit drawer widths 45 cm, 60 cm, 75 cm and 90 cm, and the bins make it possible to sort from two up to 11 different types of waste because each bin can be split using dividers to make them a size that suits you. For example, most people will need more space for plastic, and less space for batteries or metal. 

We’re happy to have created a product that’s environmentally friendly on multiple levels. Partly because it will help increase waste sorting, which is necessary for achieving the recycling goals, but also because the system itself is made of eco-friendly recycled plastic, which can be recycled again after use and included in new products instead of ending up in the environment or incinerators.

This flexible system makes it possible to organise your waste sorting around the areas of your kitchen where it makes most sense. For example, you can put organic waste and plastic in a drawer by the sink, glass and metal in a drawer next to the fridge and batteries in a drawer that isn’t used as often – or whatever best suits your space.

Waste sorting

A flexible system

Waste sorting for 90 cm drawer

Waste-sorting system for 90 cm drawer

Waste sorting for 90 cm sink cabinet drawer

Waste-sorting system for 90 cm sink unit

Waste sorting for 60 cm drawer

Waste-sorting system for 60 cm drawer

Waste sorting for 60 cm sink drawer

Waste-sorting system for 60 cm sink unit

A simple and sustainable solution for waste sorting in your kitchen

Waste sorting