Adjustable drawer dividers

uno form’s designers have developed extra tall drawers for the Classic and Copenhagen design lines. So you never have to put up with the irritation of tall objects that won’t fit in your drawers. With an internal height of 34 cm, you’ll be looking quite a while to find anything in the kitchen that can’t stand upright in the drawers.

Needs are individual. This also applies to drawers. That’s why you can get larder-style drawers with solid wood adjustable dividers in a kitchen from uno form. This allows you to customise your drawers to how you want them – whether they’re for storing tall storage jars, 1.5-litre water bottles or groceries.

A drawer insert that slides from side to side can be placed on top of the solid dividers – giving you room for things you have a lot of, while keeping loose items in place in the drawer.

Inner tray, which can be worn from side to side, provides collection for the small items in the drawer